Welcome to the site of Japan Phototherapists Network (JPTN)

Welcome to the site of Japan Photo Therapists Network (JPTN) JPTN is a non-profit organization dedicated to demonstrate, promote and research the positive and therapeutic roles  that photography can play within healthcare, welfare, and educational settings.


Although photography is a very popular hobby for the people in Japan, the medium and activity of photography as well as its creative processes have not yet been well recognized as a therapeutic catalyst. We have been offering workshops in various healthcare, welfare,  and educational settings, such as children's hospitals, general hospital's palliative care ward, day-service centres for elderly and physically/mentally challenged people, and free schools.


Arts Therapy lies the basis of our workshops, and we use photography to facilitate participants' free self-expression, personal growth and healing in safe and non-judgemental settings.


Yoshiko Sakai, one of the founder members and currently  a Representative Director of JPTN, uses scrapbooking as a therapy and has been holding workshops in various healthcare and welfare fields since 2004.  She also creates uplifting portraits for the patients in palliative care (hospice) unit for patient's life-review and healing catalyst. The photos are also used for grief care.


Research projects continues to study how enjoying free photography activities affect people's body and mind and promote healing processes, with the voluntary cooperation of workshop  participants and specialists in psychology, medicine, brain science, healthcare, welfare, and  education fields. The findings have been presented in various academic meetings in Japan and in JPTN Forums held in Tokyo annually.


For inquiries about our activies and research projects, please contact Ms. Yoshiko Sakai at below e.mail address: sakai*shashin-ryoho.jp (Please change *mark to @)



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